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Barca response is just gr-eight!

In modern football there are many key factors that can decide a match - tactics, technique, the physical condition of the players being just three of them. But intensity is what often sets a team apart.

After a stuttering start to the new season, Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola said that he can’t promise titles, but that he can promise the fans effort.

Guardiola always prepares his team with the same mentality. That never changes, even after a bad result. When the team wins, he makes a point of openly thanking his players, the players that he has the luck and pleasure to manage, these amazing FC Barcelona players, the best in the world.

It's not just their talent - Barcelona's players are successful because they normally display the same or more intensity in matches than their opponents. When you sprinkle the qualities of Barca's world class stars into the mix, it’s easy to think that success is guaranteed.

It isn't - but when Barca turn on the style they are unstoppable. It's not just Lionel Messi, the world's best player, who makes Barca tick. Iniesta, Xavi, you can go right through the squad and it's difficult to find a week link, only great players.

The intensity dipped a little against Real Sociedad and against AC Milan in the Champions League.

Guardiola doesn't just want intesity from his players, he gives it out too. And how his side responded. It was all too much for Osasuna as Barca turned Saturday's game into a training game with eight goals. Barca's season has finally started. The players did not over-celebrate, they were focused, got the job done and then some. 

Two 'bad' results could just turn out to be Barca's best two results of the season. They provided a stark reminder that no team has the right to win a game. You have to earn victory. Guardiola already knows that if his players are hooked up his side have what it takes to win every time they play. He just need to flick the on switch.

By David González Ametller

David González Ametller is a FC Barcelona fan and attends Barca home matches on a regular basis. He works for FIFA agent Keita Uematsu's Movement Global Football organisation, working with young Japanese players in Barcelona.

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