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Even Barca need a cash injection

Football fans around the world marvel at Barcelona's players and team, with the current side widely regarded to be one of, if not the best team ever.

But that would not be possible without an infratsructure and hard work behind the scenes, that all contributes towards making Barca the great footballing icon it is. 

On Saturday, FC Barcelona celebrated its members' assembly with three polemic points on the table: The publicity of Qatar Foundation, a smoking ban in the Camp Nou and the creation of the Youth Goal in the stadium.

The three proposals to the president, Sandro Rosell, were accepted.

The first point of discussion was the most relevant for the social and economic interest of the club. The publicity of Qatar Foundation means a change in the history of this centuary club, because it will be the first time that Barca puts publicity on its jerseys.

Unicef was a free sponsor, a fact of compromise of the club with this humanity organisation. But the economic stability of the club needed a hard injection of money to continue competing on equal terms like the most powerful clubs in Europe (particularly the likes of those clubs who have rich owners, including Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea).

The acceptance of the second proposal means that Barca, for a better health of the youngest fans, will be the first team in Spain with the no smoking in their stadium, following the lead of British clubs. 

The third proposal is the most difficult to understand because Camp Nou is like a theatre - the acceptance of the proposal means that the Barca board want to change this and make a profit from the passionate supporters. But this goal has to be within Mossos d’Esquadra (Police of Catalonia) rules because there could be a stage for new radical hooligans (Boixos Nois), one thing that the board of Joan Laporta refused to allow in the past.

On the pitch, Barca fans are getting used to their team failing to win this season. They lost two points on a visit to the Mestalla, although the referee looked to have made mistakes in not awarding two penalties in Messi's favour. A 2-2 draw was the end result, with the 3-4-3 formation not able to deliver the goods.

Barcelona's supporters are also getting used to seeing their side follow up a draw with a big win and Messi scoring a hat-trick. Atletico Madrid were the victims this time, with Barca's goals coming from Messi (3), Villa and an own goal. The team is more vulnerable without the ball, but more dangerous with it - and Atletico discovered to their cost what can happen if you fail to squeeze Pep's defensive system. 

By David González Ametller
David González Ametller is a FC Barcelona fan and attends Barca home matches on a regular basis. He works for FIFA agent Keita Uematsu's Movement Global Football organisation, working with young Japanese players in Barcelona.

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