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Mind and body - a new look!

Your performance is only as good as what you eat!

There has been a lot of focus recently on healthy eating and making sure we get the right nutrients, including our five a day to enhance health and performance.

This, of course, is especially important for professional footballers, who need to ensure they have the right fuel to maintain optimum athletic performance.

But do we understand the reasons behind what we do and why and exactly what to do for the best?

I don’t know about you but I operate from a very logical, natural and at the same time open minded viewpoint in order to stay ahead of the game - and to make sure I don’t get lost in any commercial hype.

Things have to make sense to me when I try them because I know from observing my body’s reactions for many years - as well as thousands of clients’ responses - how vital it is for peak performance to fuel my body with the right nutrients and at the same time be flexible in order to fully enjoy the social aspects around food and eating and indeed fit it into a busy life.

A good place to start is for example by cleansing your inner organs and your digestive tract to make sure your body’s membranes, cells and organs are able to fully absorb and make good use of the nutrients you are eating.

Once you have done this in my experience, you will find that not only will you begin to feel more satisfied and energised after eating usually smaller amounts, both physically, mentally and in the way you feel in yourself but your performance will improve dramatically and you will find yourself dealing with your life in a different and more positive, constructive and enjoyable way.

In the next few articles and training seminars I will speak more about how you can alter not just what you eat but also how you can go about getting the most benefit and enjoyment from your food to enhance your Life, your health and your performance all at the same time.

This is of particular importance to elite athletes - including professional footballers - but is a good basis for anyone who wants to maintain a good standard of health and fitness.

Fabienne Alsing has 25 years extensive experience as one of our country’s leading Healers, Natural Health Consultants and Manager of several centres for Natural Health. As well as her experience, her expertise is based on 20 years top training within a multitude of advanced healing arts, tools and techniques within all aspects of health. She helps you and your team to recover, stay healthy and take life and sport onto a very different level. Fabienne would love to hear from you and can be contacted via or 07985 933 467, website:

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