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Mind and body - Heal yourself through exercise

Any accomplished sports performer knows how important it is to carefully structure and vary their training and to look after the core muscles that provide support and strength.

Pilates has for a number of years now been used in conjunction with performance based training for this very purpose.

In addition to this, top performers also recognise the benefit of controlling your mind and your emotions.

In my days of rowing for Norway as a junior, I distinctly remember frequent injuries to the core muscles to be a part of every day life as a sports performer, despite what was then recognised as the very latest and most sophisticated training programmes and routines.

It wasn’t until many years later that I was introduced into certain styles of ancient oriental medicine and energy exercises that I realised how these people, thousands of years ago, knew all along how to effectively keep their body supple and vibrantly healthy, their core muscles strong and achieve a high level of true deep inner peace and self-attainment.

Certain ancient styles of Chi Gong and Tai Chi based on similar wisdom to that of the real ancient forms of oriental treatment forms, when performed correctly will not only help loosen up your body and strengthen your core muscles, they will also help you reach a place of peace within your mind and your emotions as well as being a way of clearing some forms of stuck energy from your organs and functions.

Together with more modern advances we have most of the tools we need for a long, happy, healthy life and sporting career.

By Fabienne Alsing

Fabienne Alsing has 25 years extensive experience as one of our country's leading Healers, Natural Health Consultants and Manager of several centres for Natural Health. As well as her experience, her expertise is based on 20 years top training within a multitude of advanced healing arts, tools and techniques within all aspects of health. She helps you and your team to recover, stay healthy and take life and sport onto a very different level. Fabienne would love to hear from you and can be contacted via or 07985 933 467, website:

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