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Mind and body - Health, happiness and magic

It has often been said that health and happiness are the most basic elements to a successful and fulfilling life.

If we add a dash of focused determination and indeed a splash of magic we are getting pretty close to the perfect recipe.

Exactly the same is true for a successful sports performance.

It is time now to move onto a different level within life and peak performance, and magic through a wider awareness has up until now been the missing ingredient.

When we begin to open our eyes we soon begin to see that there is more to life and indeed performance than what first meets the eye.

Through being open to widening our awareness, we can access new and very exciting levels of life and performance that will totally blow our minds without any need for drugs or indeed other harmful substances.

Have you ever experienced looking at one of those 3D pictures where at first what you see is a perfectly normal tangible two-dimentional picture, yet if you let your vision become soft for a while suddenly you will begin to see a much deeper multi-dimentional aspect to the picture, pop out at you.

Life and indeed performance is a bit like this and it is your level of awareness followed by your intent that determines the level at which you tune into and are operating at.

In future articles and workshops I will touch on this a little more and indeed how it differs from all healing as we have seen it until now but for now have fun widening your horizons.

By Fabienne Alsing

Fabienne Alsing has 25 years extensive experience as one of our country's leading Healers, Natural Health Consultants and Manager of several centres for Natural Health. As well as her experience, her expertise is based on 20 years top training within a multitude of advanced healing arts, tools and techniques within all aspects of health. She helps you and your team to recover, stay healthy and take life and sport onto a very different level. Fabienne would love to hear from you and can be contacted via or 07985 933 467, website:

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