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Mind and body - Love and Awareness

The two most essential factors in any true healing are love and awareness. It is true that success in health, in performance and in life, starts from within. A positive mind and positive feelings are the basis for a positive outcome.

Therefore, watching one’s thoughts and one’s emotions and keeping them upbeat, heartfelt and positive at all times is essential for so many aspects and situations in life where success is to be achieved. Of course this includes sport.

There are times when keeping positive seems like a breeze, and there are times when it seems like an impossible task however much we try. So why is this? Well when we reach a point of clarity as to the cause of this, we are half way to recovery.

There can of course be many reasons for why we are not operating at optimum levels of positivity, health and success in performance, some may be obvious and easy to correct ourselves and some reasons lie deeper and are seemingly more hidden to the inexperienced eye.

Getting the ‘diagnosis’ and the level right is therefore the first key to all health. In working with all my clients, players, coaches, managers and teams my first task is therefore to look closely at the true cause of any given symptom or situation.

With many years’ experience seeing thousands of clients, I am able to quickly and effectively detect the root cause of a presented situation and choose the best tool or approach for the most effective and effortless recovery.

Sometimes healing through touch is enough yet often times suggestions for how to move forward in a more effective way may complement the healing. However, it all begins and ends with loving awareness and making the correct diagnosis.

By Fabienne Alsing

Fabienne Alsing has 25 years extensive experience as one of our country's leading Healers, Natural Health Consultants and Manager of several centres for Natural Health. As well as her experience, her expertise is based on 20 years top training within a multitude of advanced healing arts, tools and techniques within all aspects of health. She helps you and your team to recover, stay healthy and take life and sport onto a very different level. Fabienne would love to hear from you and can be contacted via or 07985 933 467 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 07985 933 467 end_of_the_skype_highlighting, website:

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