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Mind and body - Taking care of your health and well being

Today we kick off a new column focusing on health and well being, an important aspect of any player's make up.

Fabienne Alsing has 25 years of extensive experience as one of our country’s leading healers, natural health consultants and manager of several centres for natural health. 

As well as her experience, her expertise is based on 20 years of top training within a multitude of advanced healing arts, tools and techniques within all aspects of health.

Mind the gap…

It is finally becoming more widely recognised that there is a distinct gap in the care and support offered to players that falls in between the responsibility of a club's physiotherapist, doctor and coaches.

A club physio deals with the more acute physical injuries that often occur whilst playing, while the doctor is availablefor more serious injuries and issues that perhaps require more of a medical approach. The coach has the expertise and knowledge of intricate physical and mental aspects of the game.

In my line of work I do not replace any of these. I fill the gap, moving sports health and team performance onto another level by looking at a much deeper, transformational approach.

My expertise allows me to look more at the energetic effects of the body, mind, emotions and the spirit on individual players, coaches and managers and indeed the team as a whole. 

With this approach it is possible to heal deep and underlying issues preventing success at a totally different level to what has so far been recognised and available, and at the same time allow each individual to access and make use of their full potential for the benefit of the team and the results as a whole.

I am often presented with situations where teams are unable to reach the level of performance they know they are capable of and where the physio, medical doctor, mind coach or trainer are not able to effectively move the players and the situation forward.

These and many other situations can, more often than not, be easily remedied and indeed prevented if dealt with early enough through this new and deeper approach - and here's what any player, manager or coach will be interest in, it works. 

Fabienne Alsing helps you and your team to recover, stay healthy and take life and sport onto a different level. She would love to hear from you and can be contacted at, 07985 933 467, or via her website:

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