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Pep's power

It was another week of celebration in Barcelona. Mercè is the patron saint of the city and is celebrated in style.

Throughout the day and night, parties are packed full, there are different types of concerts, performances and cultural spectacles for everybody, and citizens and tourists join together.

But, suprisingly, the mood is a little more sombre inside the Barca camp.

In his press conference after Barcelona's match against Atletico Madrid, Barca head coach Pep Guardiola expressed his sadness that club president Joan Laporta has to pay a lot of money towards helping with the club's difficult financial situation.

Guardiola has shown goodwill towards Laporta and made a point of showing his gratitude for the opportunity to train the team. Jose Mourinho may at one time have been a popular choice but now he is the Anti Christ for Barca fans.

The words of Guardiola didn’t fall on deaf ears. He is already a popular figure with the fans and also the board.

The titles and the good image that he transmits makes people believe in him and his decisions carry power. He is not just a football coach, he has the power to persuade people.

Mourinho, on the other hand, has been reduced to showing his 'strength' by poking Barca's assistant coach in the eye. Barcelona did not want to take the matter further, but in any case, the Real Madrid coach earned himself a two-match ban. Another victory for the Catalonian dream team against their rivals from Madrid.

Back to the on-the-field action and Barca continue to make progress in Europe. The new 3-4-3 system is working well and Sporting Gijon were the latest victims thanks to a solitary goal from a surprising hero, Adriano.

By David González Ametller

David González Ametller is a FC Barcelona fan and attends Barca home matches on a regular basis. He works for FIFA agent Keita Uematsu's Movement Global Football organisation, working with young Japanese players in Barcelona.

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