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The Dean Holdsworth column: Good start for Roy

I’ve been away on holiday in Italy this week so I was unable to watch England’s win over Norway this weekend.

I’ve not seen any of the football, I’ve just seen reports, but it’s good for Roy Hodgson to get off to a winning start, and his squad selection has been interesting too.

One of the players that he’s named for the European Championships is young Jack Butland, who spent most of last season on loan at Cheltenham Town.

I don’t really know an awful lot about him to be honest but England have got a vast number of scouts and I think that having the youngsters coming through is a great sign for the country.

You could question whether it was right to pick him over the likes of Scott Carson but I think it comes down to the manager making choices and he will be judged on those choices.

I’d like to say that reaching the semi-finals would signal a successful tournament for England, and we’ve got to go into it thinking that we can win it.

Football’s always on the brain

The main benefit for a manager going on holiday is to get a bit of sun! But the fact is that you never really leave the office.

Football is still very much an active part of life, and although you’re in a different location you are still constantly in talks with players, agents and the club.

I’m always in contact with the club regarding players who want to sign for us, and we’re looking at the budgets as well as off-field stuff we’re doing regarding the training ground and the running of the club.

You’re therefore still very busy but it’s the right thing to do. We’ve got probably one or two players coming in next week to meet me and that’s been good news, but we’ll keep searching for a couple more.

Good crew at Alex

The last game of the weekend, and I suppose the very last game of the season, saw Crewe Alexandra gain promotion to League One.

I think they’ve got a very good crop of young players who have all been together for a very long time and the philosophy is carrying on from Dario Gradi to Steve Davis.

I fully expect some of the bigger clubs to be knocking on the door for Nick Powell and some others.

It’s taken years for them to develop the production line that they have, and their philosophy is very much about coaching, and they’re getting their rewards every year.

Developing the future

Finally last weekend the Master Tactician app had a stand at the Grassroots Show and the public view was fantastic.

It’s given us some great feedback about putting drills onto the app as well. I genuinely believe that the app has a role to play in the development of both players and coaches.

The feedback from coaches who wanted us to develop passing drills, training drills has made us get to work, and we’ll be looking to push it through for pre-season.

By Tom Coleman - Follow me on Twitter @TomEcoleman

Dean Holdsworth is the co-developer of the Master Tactician app, which is now being used by managers and coaches at all levels of the game, with names like Sam Allardyce among the list of fans. Master Tactician is now available to download at

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