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The Gordon Hill column: Why Stuart Pearce is a better choice for the England job than Harry Redknapp

What do I think about the England job and the FA? Well I have tried to put some ideas together. What would I do? A lot of people may not agree but this is my opinion.

Something that has always haunted me about the England job is the fact that we have had good managers at club level but when they step up, it does not seem to work. The other day in an article, we had Jim White going on about Stuart Pearce not being ready, and then Paul Parker saying that Harry does not have the nous. Is there anybody who could do the job?

Let’s just think about it for a minute. All the big clubs have players who are internationals, they have a manager and coaches who pick the team for their club and their club only. He gets them ready for the season ahead to challenge and win, that is his sole job.

Now let us talk about the England job, which consists of many players from different clubs, different styles and different managers’ ways - coming together and trying to work out the best way of playing and winning. But if that does not work, the manager is sacked and another manager comes in and tries.

We have tried foreign managers and have had problems, we have tried managers who are in form. We have tried everything except what the England job misses: desire, passion and consistency. It is not an easy job. Some reasons for that are that players play different for their clubs, and the style of play varies. Managers have certain ways they want the team to play.

Let us take Stuart Pearce. This man has had nine years of doing his apprenticeship. He has earned his stripes and played for his country, played at the top and knows how to play at the top. He is just what the FA need. Now let us give him assistance.

Form a committee 

The FA should employ three former top class league managers (English) and form a committee to help him. You will have the experience, the knowledge, and the desire to restore pride back to the English team. This team would go around the country looking at all the top Premier League teams, monitoring the players’ performance and profile each one of them, and then have regular meetings to discuss what they have found.

You cannot let the people from the FA - who are business men - make those decisions. They should be left to make business decisions not football decisions. Not only will it give credence to the job but will let the fans know that all great minds in football are working on it.

The England job is a collective job and bigger than a club, so we need to give as much help as possible. Stuart Pearce could ask for advice all the time and sit down with football people who are employed just for that reason, and talk football and then let Pearce pick his squad that best fits the team England are playing, We have that system already in club football.

I have nothing against Harry as he is a dear friend. He is doing a great job at Tottenham, and I have known him for many years, but to me consistency is what the job needs. Pearce has been consistent with the FA set up and you just to have to look at Sir Alex Ferguson who is a prime example of consistency.

A lot of people will say ‘don't talk daft’, but to me, the pride, passion, and consistency has to be a number one priority for the FA or, more accurately, for the England team.

By Gordon Hill

Gordon Hill was capped six times for England in the 1970s and made 132 appearances for Manchester United, scoring 51 goals. He scored both United goals in their 1976 FA Cup semi-final win against Derby and played in the Red Devils' 2-1 FA Cup final triumph against Liverpool in 1977.

He also played for Millwall, Derby, QPR and FC Twente and has played in Finland, the USA and Canada. He managed Chester City, Hyde United and Novia Scotia Clippers in the Canadian Soccer League.

Gordon has also worked in the media as a commentator with Sky Sports, BBC, ITV and Talk Radio. He lives with his wife Claire in Mckinney, Texas. He now owns and runs Texas-based club United FC

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