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The Nikki Lee column - Come on England!

Glamour model Nikki Lee – a big West Ham and England fan – is cautiously optimistic about England's chances of success at Euro 2012.

What did you think of England’s performance against Norway?

I thought it was a fair result. A win and a clean sheet isn't a bad start for Roy Hodgson. I'm happy for Robert Green that Morten Gamst Wotsit's corner didn't sneak in at the near post though, as our Rob was off having a bit of a wander at the time! It was a decent enough goal by Ashley Young, but it was rubbish defending. If I was the Norway defender I would have at least gone flying in with a tackle! So it was a bit of a lucky win in a way and England probably could have probably done a bit better, but such is life.

What do you make of Roy Hodgson as England manager?

I think he's ok, but I reckon there are a few others better suited to the role if I am being completely honest.

Go on then, who would have been your choice for England manager and why?

Well, being a Hammer I'm obviously biased, but it would be Julian Dicks all the way! You wouldn't get any mamby pamby defending, that's for sure. And Paolo Di Canio would be a brilliant England manager! I thought Harry Redknapp would get the job but if Roy does a good job, then fair play to him, he's got a 100% record so far!

How will England get on at Euro 2012?

Well, I really want to say that we are going to do well, but it's going to be tough. But, hey, positive thoughts right? Anything can happen, just look at the Hammers!

Who do you think will win Euro 2012?

My dad reckons Spain, but I think that's because he's got a cheeky bet on them. So I hope they don't win, or I will never hear the end of it. I won't complain though if he wants to spend his winnings on me! I'm gonna say England to win it, so don't let me down now boys!

Who do you think are the ‘dark horses’ to watch out for?

Hopefully the England boys will be dark horses rather than cart horses! But also France might be worth a naughty little outside bet.

Which players do you think could stand out for England?

Scott Parker and Ashley Young. And of course I've got to say Frank Lampard!

Which players are you looking forward to watch at Euro 2012?

The England players! Especially Frank - and Scott Parker.

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