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The Nikki Lee column - Roy needs a rethink!

Glamour model Nikki Lee – a big England fan – was spot on again, predicting another win for Roy's boys against Ukraine.

But she still thinks the manager needs to rethink his tactics, especially after some shambolic defending against Sweden.

Here's what she had to say prior to the win against Ukraine: 

What did you think of England’s win against Sweden?

It was tense and emotional!

What did you think of Andy Carroll’s goal?

Outstanding! Great cross in from Gerrard, great header. He wasn't great for Liverpool last season but he showed that if he is used in the right way he's got talent. Well, he showed it for the goal. Good movement and a superb header. But he didn't show much else during the game.

What are your thoughts about England’s defending?

Shocking, for the two Sweden goals, but apart from that pretty good. Two silly mistakes - no, forget that, two absolutely disastrous mistakes, that was Sunday League defending to leave Mellberg unmarked twice like that. But hey, we pulled it off in the end!

What did you think about Theo Walcott and Danny Welbeck’s performances at the end?

Relief! If only Walcott could play like that consistently, he could be a class act for England. Welbeck's goal was brilliant.

What did you think about Joe Hart’s performance?

Immense. The boy's a legend. Best keeper in the tournament so far.

What did you think about Steven Gerrard’s performance?

Not bad, he's getting on a bit now but did a decent job.

And what about Ashley Young?

What?! He was playing?? Oh yeah, I remember now, he had a good chance but messed that one right up. I think Hodgson selected his twin brother by mistake, that definitely isn't the player who played for Manchester United last season.

What were your thoughts about Roy Hodgson’s tactics against Sweden?

Needs a rethink. Joe Hart made a few important saves. Another performance like that against Ukraine and we could be out.

Did you think England did well to win, or were we lucky?

I think we were lucky!

How do you think we will get on against Ukraine and what will the score be?

We can't afford to relax. I think well be ok as long as we keep our concentration. There's a lot at stake, and if it goes wrong we could be out. I think we'll win 2-0.

Who do you think should be the strikers and wingers for England against Ukraine?

Well, Hodgson has confirmed that Rooney is in. I think Carroll will make way for him. So Welbeck might start with Rooney. I'd like to see Walcott start but he's got a knock, and I think AOC deserves another start on the left.

Who have been the best teams at Euro 2012 so far and why?

Spain - They are class. They haven't had it all their own way though and are not guaranteed to win the tournament, especially with Germany playing so well.

What do you think of the tournament overall so far?

As good as it can get!

Anything else we need to know?

Yeah, check out @missingandy on Twitter - they did a nice little England song called 'Made in England'.

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