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Tom Watt: Refs got it wrong with Cahill and Luiz

Popular broadcaster and avid footy fan Tom Watt shares with Total Football his thoughts on the three main talking points of last weekend's Premier League action.

And he thinks referees got two of the weekend's big Premier League decisions wrong... 

Referees were in the spotlight over the weekend following the dismissal of Gary Cahill and the decision to only give David Luiz a yellow card rather than a red. What do you make of those decisions and the standard of refereeing in general?

Firstly, I think both of those decisions probably were wrong - Luiz should have gone and Cahill should have stayed on - but the more pressing issue for me is the increased scrutiny on the referees. Every fan remembers the one that went against you, but if I'm honest, I think over time the standard of refereeing has actually improved. The officials are under so much pressure, to get it right as often as they do is some achievement.

Bolton, Swansea, Wigan - three teams who people would say try to play football the 'right way' - were all battered over the weekend. Is it time these teams started to win ugly?

I think it's a bit of a myth about the way they play with the ball, because what I see as wrong with those three teams is what they do without the ball. I am sure Coyle, Rodgers, and Martinez would all look at their teams and agree that their problems are defensive. Are people tracking back? Busting a gut to get there? Essentially, are the players putting in enough of a shift to gain control of the ball? I think all three would answer 'no'.

Despite a comfortable victory over Swansea, some Blackburn fans protested for 20 minutes after the final whistle. After what happened to Steve Bruce recently, do you think the dissenting fans will eventually get their wish with Steve Kean?

If Steve Kean is sacked, it will be results between now and Christmas that do for him, not the fans. If Blackburn get beat by Sunderland and then lose a few more, then that will dictate that he must go, and the board will make that decision. Though on the other hand, if he wins a few games now, and they go on a bit of a run, he will probably be able to manage until at least the end of the season.

By Chris Smith

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