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Football League clubs vote in favour of new player scheme

Football League clubs have voted in favour of an overhaul to the way young players from academies can be sold to other clubs.

But there are concerns that the introduction of the new Elite Player Performance Plan will have damaging implications for clubs in League One and League Two in particular.

More than half of all Football League clubs voted in favour of the Elite Player Performance Plan, with 46 of the clubs in the Championship, League One and League Two supporting the proposal and 22 voting against it. There were three no-shows and one abstention.

A key aim of the scheme is to focus on giving the more technically gifted players better prospects at club and international level. Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal were among the clubs involved in consultations.

In a statement, the Football League said: "Following lengthy consideration, Football League clubs have voted to accept the Premier League's proposals on the Elite Player Performance Plan.

Increased time

"The League will now continue discussions with the Premier League on the implementation of the EPPP across professional football."

The scheme will introduce increased time for elite clubs to work with young players and will increase the pool of players that Premier League clubs can select from, with the rule that under 16 players must live within 90 minutes travelling distance of their club abolished.

Although one of the aims is to produce better quality players for the national team, League One and League Two clubs have expressed concerns that it could have an adverse impact on them. The introduction of the scheme will affect how much compensation smaller clubs will receive when one of their young players signs for a bigger club.

Fees are currently determined by tribunal but with the introduction of the EPPP scheme, compensation will be decided by a fixed scale.

For players between the age of nine and 11, the selling club will receive just £3,000 per year, rising to £40,000 per year for a player aged between 12 and 16 who is also playing in a Category 1 academy side.

However, clubs will benefit from further payments based on appearances, as well as a percentage of future transfer fees.

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