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Bryan Robson: England ‘not good enough’ to make an impact at Euro 2012

With the end of the domestic season fast approaching, that can only mean one thing: Euro 2012 will soon be upon us.

We are no nearer knowing who will be the new England manager. Harry Redknapp was the red hot favourite not so long ago, but Tottenham’s star has started to fade.

So will Jose Mourinho be the man to lead his nation into battle? Will the FA stick with Stuart Pearce? Will Alan Pardew be the shock appointment?

And, regardless of who is appointed as the new man in charge, will it be the same old story for England? High expectations, followed by an anti-climax? Or are we getting so used to England’s recent failures that the players will surprise us, restore national pride and have a decent tournament?

Total Football’s Chris Smith tracked down former England captain Bryan Robson towards the end of last year and his verdict then was damningly simple – England won’t win Euro 2012, because they are not good enough.

“To me, England are where we have been for the last eight years,” he told Total Football. “We are capable of qualifying but we are not good enough to go and win the competition. Teams like Spain and Germany are far stronger than us and are much more capable of performing on the day.”

It’s difficult to argue with that.

But what do YOU think?

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