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Euro 2012 daily digest: Swedish team drop the ball

Sweden players were spotted aiming shots at reserve keeper Johan Wiland’s exposed rear end during a recent training session.

Wiland (pictured) faced the unusual punishment because he let a ball drop in a game where the players stand in a circle and try not to let the football touch the ground.

This comes just days after Swedish captain Zlatan Ibrahimovic blasted his squad for a lack of professionalism and the Swedish coach labelled his side cowards.

Yet it was neither the side’s captain nor manager who voiced their discontent at the light-hearted training games.

An anti-bullying group has voiced their concern at the actions of the team in training, stating that the players are “heroes to thousands of boys and girls around Sweden and I do not think they should signal that this is OK.”

Meanwhile Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, commented on the team’s attitude saying “people who have responsibilities should be aware of that and they should act accordingly.”

Sweden faces a real chance of elimination from this year’s tournament today when they play England.

If Sweden does get knocked out, we will have to wait and see if the side’s punishment for dropping out of the tournament will be the same as Wiland for dropping the ball.

Russia’s FA fined

The Football Union of Russia (RFS) has been fined 120,000 Euros after the inappropriate behaviour of Russian fans in the sides opening game against the Czech Republic.

Russian fans used fireworks and displayed far-right banners during the game.

Fans also attacked stewards, with four hospitalized after the game which led to a UEFA investigation.

UEFA also handed the RFS a suspended six-point penalty which will come into effect at the start of their next Euro qualifying campaign.

Russian President Vladamir Putin commented on the violence seen in Poland and stated that the owness is on the organisers “to bear responsibility for the safety of fans.”

The RFS may face further punishment after supporters clashed with Polish fans before the Group A game between the two nations in Warsaw.

When in the stadium, Russian fans also displayed an offensive banner which will also be investigated by UEFA.

Russia is due to host the 2018 World Cup.

Ronaldo rages over Messi chants

Denmark fans took the opportunity to dig at Real Madrid and Portugal ace Cristiano Ronaldo in Lviv on Wednesday night, despite their side slumping to a 3-2 loss.

Danish fans chanted Lionel Messi’s name whenever Ronaldo had a touch on the ball.

The 27-year-old had a rough game, missing a number of chances that would have secured his side a win much sooner than they eventually did.

Ronaldo took a swipe at the little Argentinian and current Ballon d’Or holder after the game, he said “do you know what he was doing this time last year? He was going out of the Copa America in his own country.”

Unfortunately for Ronaldo, Argentina did not bow out of the competition at this stage, La Albiceleste actually reached the quarter-finals where they lost to eventual winners, Uruguay.

The Portuguese captain is yet to score in this year’s competition and looked frustrated at his teammates in the latter stages of the Group B fixture.

Portugal will need to secure at least a point against the Netherlands in their next game if they are to progress to the quarter-finals of the competition.

Belgium fans sell themselves to the Dutch

A group of Belgium football fans have sold themselves to a Dutch buyer on the website eBay after their nations failure to qualify for the tournament.

The group are sick of having no team to support at major tournaments, so sold themselves to the highest bidder.

The advert on the website read: “second hand but mint condition. Not been used since the FIFA World Cup 2002.”

All money received by the Belgian fans sale is due to be donated to a UNICEF project that provides education for children who live in countries that are in conflict.

Unfortunately for the Dutch, the Belgian’s have not been a good luck omen for their national side who sit at the bottom of Group B with no points.

However, the Belgians say that once the Dutch go out of the competition, they will sell themselves again after grieving for 24 hours.

By Sam Fry

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