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Huercal Overa - Interview with Gabi Ramos Acevedo

This season, Total Football is focusing on Huercal Overa CDF - a club playing on the border of Almeria and Murcia, at the fourth tier in Spanish football.

There is a huge passion for the game in Spain but we wanted to find out the real story behind a small club like Huercal Overa.

Introducing Gabi Ramos Acevedo

Gabi Ramos Acevedo was born and bred in Huercal Overa. He played for the youth sides for many years before moving onto play in the Terecera Division Group, in Andalusia, where he spent time with Nijar County and was voted best right back in the league two years running.

Recently, he spoke to Total Football about his greatest achievements, his ambitions for the season and the support shown by the dedicated fans of Huercal Overa.  

How would you summarise yourself?

I'm 25-years-old and play at right back. I consider myself ambitious, strong-willed and very stubborn at times.

What is the proudest achievement of your career so far?

I've participated in the play-offs for promotion to 2nd Division B.

I've won the 3rd Division Spanish Group IX championship and have been chosen as the best right back in the league. I have also played in the prestigious Copa del Rey (Spanish Cup).

What are your personal ambitions – this season and in the future?

Continuing to grow as a player and as a person and especially to enjoy the sport as much as possible.

What are your aims for Huercal Overa CF this season?

The most important thing is to stay in the league. It has taken a long time to get here so we need to make sure we can finish as high as possible.

What do you think you can bring to Huercal Overa CF this season?

I think I can bring experience as I face my eighth season in the third division and above all, enthusiasm and desire to work.

What makes Huercal Overa CF a special club?

I think it's a club with a good development structure, which has been shown by the achievements in recent years. The town has a strong affection for the club which is very important.

Do you think the club’s location in Spain is an advantage or a disadvantage?

I don't think one way or the other, we compete in a very interesting league, which is very competitive and I think with everyone's help we will make ourselves known outside our area.

How do you think the club can improve this season and in the future – both on and off the field?

I think the main thing for a club like this is to remain committed to the local people who have been an important part here for many years.

We must continue working with humility, but try to grow the structural part of the club and publicise more to the press and media.

Why do you think HO CF can be successful this season?

I think we have to take this great harmony between the fans, the coaching staff and the players and build on this, which is not easy.

We have a good squad that has recently been assembled for this season.

What do you think about the club’s fans?

They are now the most important part of the club, I thank them for the support that has been shown to the team and tell them that we will need them more this year.

With a step up in the league, things might not always go to plan but with support we can come through this together.

You have a lot of ‘ex pat’ fans from other countries, as well as local fans – is that good for the club?

Sure it's great for the club, to be known beyond our region and into the wider world of football is great.

The fans are the heartbeat of the club and without them we wouldn’t be here.

Who is the best HO CF player?

I think we are very close knit bunch. The players and the coaching staff are all very competitive and on any given day every player can be a star.

Who do you see as your biggest rivals for promotion?

I think there are many teams like La Hoya, Imperial Murcia, Totana, who spent many years competing in this division and therefore are more experienced.

Is there a club you see as your ‘local rivals’?

Atletico Pulpileno would be our rival by proximity to the so-called derby, but relations are cordial.

And finally... Tell me something interesting about you that the HO CF fans don’t know!

All I can say is that I will play out of my skin for this team to achieve our most important goal, which is to stay in this league.

After five years playing away from Huercal Overa, it’s a great feeling to come back home and play for my hometown club.

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