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Meet Huercal Overa’s new signing – Rafael Soriano Jofre

Transfer deadline day came and went and for many, the focus was on the Premier League.

However, there was another new signing you probably didn’t hear about.

This season, Total Football is focusing on Huercal Overa CDF - a club playing on the border of Almeria and Murcia, at the fourth tier in Spanish football.

There is a huge passion for the game in Spain but we wanted to find out the real story behind a small club like Huercal Overa.

Introducing Rafael Soriano Jofre

Rafael Soriano Jofre is a new signing for Huercal Overa, coming in from La Hoya Lorca where last term he notched 10 goals.

He was offered a professional contract last season for a Scottish First Division club but turned it down to stay in Spain. 

He is highly-rated forward that is strong on the ball plus has a good eye for goal, we asked him a few questions to get a bit of an insight into how he sees the season progressing.

Introduce yourself Rafa and tell us what your strengths and weaknesses are

I’m Rafael Soriano Jofre, I’m a forward, 24-years-old, six feet tall and 13 stone, I play all along the front line, protect the ball well and score and create goals.

What is the best achievement in your career so far?

It has to be my debut in the Segunda B Division and helping La Hoya Lorca to reach the play-offs.

What are your personal ambitions?

I want to enjoy the game by winning games and scoring goals but the main thing is to enjoy playing.

What are your aims for Huercal Overa this season?

We need to take each game as it comes and make sure we can compete, if we do this then we should do well and have a good season.

What do you think you can bring to Huercal Overa this season?

I will work hard for the club, I think this is all a player can do and also score lots of goals!

Do you think the club’s location in Spain is an advantage or a disadvantage?

I don’t think it’s either; there is a great deal of talent in the region which can help the club develop.

How do you think the club can improve this season and in the future – both on and off the field?

If the club does everything right, works hard and we keep our feet on the ground, there is no reason why we can’t progress year on year both on and off the pitch.

Why do you think the club can be successful this season?

If the club, at every level, works hard, from the boardroom to the players, then we will have a great season. We all want to win and this will be seen as the season progresses. Hard work is essential.

What do you think about the club’s fans?

There is a great affection for the club, the fans turn out in large numbers and are very animated. For us as players, this is fantastic as we know when other clubs come here they will feel intimidated.

You have a lot of ‘ex pat’ fans from other countries, as well as local fans – is that good for the club, and if so why?

Yes it's good, the more the merrier. With more fans the atmosphere is great, everyone sits or stands together and there is a great feeling among the fans.

Who is the best player at Huercal Overa?

We have some very talented players here but I couldn’t name just one!

Who do you see as your biggest rivals for promotion and why?

I think La Hoya Lorca, Real Murcia B and also Aguilas will be up there at the end of the season. They all have good sized budgets and with this they can attract the players.

And finally... Tell me something interesting about you that the Huercal Overa fans don’t know!

There isn’t anything really, I think this season is important for me as a player and also for the club. Myself and the club have great ambitions so we will see what we can do this year but without the fans this is not possible.

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