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The Nikki Lee column - England need a revolution!

Glamour model Nikki Lee – a big England fan – thinks The Football Association need a major overhaul if they want our once proud nation to catch up with the likes of Germany and Spain.

Despite England's exit on penalties, Nikki has enjoyed Euro 2012 so far - and thinks Spain will topple Italy in Sunday's final...

What did you think of England's performance against Italy?

We were outplayed. Not surprising really when none of the England players bothered to get close to Italy's best player, Andrea Pirlo.

Overall, how do you think England performed at Euro 2012?

Some people thought we might struggle even to get through the group. We won our group and got to the quarter-finals and took Italy all the way to penalties, but in the end it was same old England really. We just weren't good enough. 

Who were England's best players?

Joe Hart and Steven Gerrard. Joe Hart kept us in it in every game with some good saves and Gerrard did well in the group games, but we should keep it in context. Gerrard was good, but not that good. We didn't have anyone in the same close as Pirlo, and maybe we never will. Wayne Rooney was a massive disappointment, again. 

How did Roy Hodgson do as England manager?

Not great. Yes we were quite well organised and he can only work with the players he has got, but he has to take responsibility for our exit against Italy and the shocking tactic of backing off Pirlo and letting him run the show. We should have got closer to him and got a few big tackles in on him. We just sat back and let him do what he wanted. We all know we are rubbish at penalties, but we just settled for penalties in the end, what a joke that was!

You've been doing well with your predictions - who is your money on in the final?

I predicted that Italy would beat Germany and I think they do have the ability to beat Spain in the final - but I said Spain so I will stick with Spain to win it. Italy are a far better side than a lot of people gave them credit for, but now a lot more people are taking them seriously. I think some people assumed that they were in the semi-finals to make up the numbers. But Spain are a better side than Italy. It should be a good final.

What did you make of the two semi-finals?

Portugal - what a bunch of numpties! It all went pear shaped in the penalty shoot out. They did so well in the first half and Ronaldo should have got the winner at the end, but then Spain got on top in extra-time and the penalties were embarrassing for Portugal, it didn't help that they forgot the order of who was taking the penalties - and who had the bright idea to leave Ronaldo until last?! What an utter cock up that was!

As for Italy - brilliant, two fantastic goals from Balotelli and they were deserved winners. Germany were really disappointing, but Italy were excellent. 

Who has been the best player at Euro 2012?

Pirlo. Balotelli and Ronaldo have been good too.

What do you think England need to do to improve their chances of winning a tournament in future?

Pray for a miracle! Seriously, we need a major overhaul. If not we'll just keep getting knocked out by better sides in the quarter-finals. And we need to practice penalties even more! If games go to extra-time, we should assume we will get knocked out if it goes to penalties and if it's still level in the second period of extra-time we should just go for it and go all out on the attack to try and get a winner.

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