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Goalline technology finally gets the green light

6 Jul 2012

FIFA finally gave into the inevitable yesterday and gave the green light to allow goalline technology into all forms of top professional football. The Premier League has already announced their plans to incorporate the two...

In search of the perfect free-kick

3 Jul 2012

Leading UK sports engineers, an innovative British technology company, and specialist kicking coach Bartek Sylwestrzak have worked in partnership to look in 3D detail at one of the most sought after football techniques. Globally,...

Cryotherapy: The hottest new cold treatment?

26 Jun 2012

When you think of the key innovations witnessed at Euro 2012, few top Spain’s “no strikers” formation. While it’s been mightily successful in vanquishing the likes of the French on the pitch, however, it’s unlikely to be...

Manager merry-go-round has no end in sight

7 Jun 2012

So, we’re only in the first week of June, and we’ve already seen more managerial shifts than you could shake the proverbial stick at. As domestic seasons drew to a close across Europe, a frenetic game of musical chairs was...

The famous followers: A rundown of football-loving celebrities and their clubs

1 Jun 2012

Celebrities and football are forever becoming intertwined. Be it to promote a new album or movie, or during a charity event, we are forever seeing the ‘stars’ of our society mixing with the football elite.

David Beckham stars as the first ever male cover of Elle UK magazine

31 May 2012

Monthly Women's magazine Elle UK's latest issue went on sale yesterday with its first ever male cover, David Beckham. To celebrate, Elle UK have released a three minute video of David Beckham that features an exclussive...

Football Manager stole my life: 20 years of beautiful obsession

31 May 2012

He was revered by millions of gamers worldwide for his goal scoring devastation but if you've never played Championship Manager (now known as Football Manager) then chances are you've never heard of Tonton Zola Moukoko.

Karl Dewazien interview - I DARE YOU TO PLAY

10 May 2012

Karl Dewazien - aka 'Koach Karl' - is the coaching director for the California Youth Soccer Association. He is an A licensed coach in the US and has dedicated his life to coaching coaches in the most efficient way to teach children. His...

World keepy uppy champion on course to break world record

3 May 2012

Dan Magness is undertaking a 10-day keepy uppy record breaking challenge - to walk between London and Manchester doing keepy-uppys all the way. There have been some thrills and near spills but with each step he is raising more...

D'OH! moment of the week: Harry's dream left in tatters

30 Apr 2012

The race for the title hotted up this week as Manchester City overcame Manchester United at the Etihad Stadium to go top of the table on goal difference. Relegated Wolves battled back against Swansea in a 4-4 thriller, Newcastle were overtaken by...

Can footballers be trusted?

28 Apr 2012

Premier League footballers are not to be trusted - and that's official. It's 'official' according to a survey by the Rated People Trust Index anyway. The survey, calculated based on four different attributes, revealed that of...

Some people are on the pitch... a steward’s view of end of season pitch invasions

28 Apr 2012

With the season drawing to a close, stewards up and down the country have been bracing themselves for final day drama. Whether it’s celebrating promotion, chastising the board after relegation or just an excuse to do a cartwheel...

Technology in football - is it really the answer?

27 Apr 2012

The call for technology continues to reverberate around the footballing world. For years, mistakes by officials with key decisions in games have readily been accepted. Technology has been trialled and proved successful in...

You’re having a laugh ref!

18 Apr 2012

After Coventry were denied a goal that crossed the line and Chelsea were gifted one that didn’t, there will be plenty of people this week enduring the churning wrench of sporting injustice. Mind you, at least fans of Coventry and...

Pearce will follow in Sir Matt Busby’s footsteps

18 Apr 2012

Team GB manager Stuart Pearce will finally discover who his side will face at the London 2012 Olympics when the draw for the tournament is made on Tuesday. As Pearce leads his side out for their first group match against as yet...

That man Claridge talks a lot of sense on use of technology

17 Apr 2012

There are arguments for the use of technology in football and arguments against. General opinion seems to be that it's high time for goalline technology to be introduced, with Juan Mata's 'phantom' goal in Chelsea's 5-1 FA Cup...

Would 'Lingerie League' catch on in football?

16 Apr 2012

Women’s football is booming – but would a new version of the sport catch on? It’s no surprise that women’s volleyball is one of the most-watched sports on television - and there’s no guessing why the Lingerie Football League...

Football is greater than goals and titles - Muamba, Morosini and Di Natale

16 Apr 2012

The reason for football’s huge appeal is not really the football itself. We enjoy seeing our team win a game, securing a title, or avoiding relegation. But football is much bigger than that – and it’s because of...

D'OH! moment of the week: Rhodes for England? And will Robbie Savage have to shell out £10,000?

16 Apr 2012

Total Football is a fan of BBC Radio 5 Live's Saturday night 606 phone-in shows, with Robbie Savage and Darren Fletcher. And there's more reason to follow the show now, to see if Savage will have to settle up on a bet and shell out up...

Quitters sometimes win: Walking away from sport

12 Apr 2012

Fighting to retain his WBC Welterweight crown in 1980 against Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto 'Hands of Stone' Duran sensationally quit in the eighth round, whispering the infamous words "no mas" (no more), that would define his 119 fight...