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Can footballers be trusted?

Premier League footballers are not to be trusted - and that's official.

It's 'official' according to a survey by the Rated People Trust Index anyway.

The survey, calculated based on four different attributes, revealed that of 10 professions on the list, only politicians are less trustworthy than Premier League players.

Premier League footballers are the second least trusted group of people according to the index in the UK, from the professions on the list, with politicians coming bottom for reliability, honesty and quality of work.

The research of 2,054 adults, conducted by YouGov on behalf of the online trade recommendation service Rated People, assessed a range of different professions on four criteria: value for money, honesty, reliability and quality of work.

Politicians were most likely to be voted as poor or very poor for reliability (62%), honesty (70%) and overall quality of work (57%), performing worse than both bankers and estate agents despite the maligned public image of these professions.

A lucky escape for journalists...

Total Football's editor is delighted to see that journalists were not on the list.

Politicians managed to place ahead of Premier League footballers in one category, value for money, where Premier League footballers fared considerably worse, perhaps as a result of their multi-million pound annual salaries (76% rated footballers as poor or very poor value for money, compared to 60% for politicians.)

By comparison, teachers enjoyed a clean sweep, coming top across the board on the four criteria.

The research highlights which professions are trusted most by the British public, and of the different types of tradesmen included in the list, gardeners topped the list, however they came second overall across all the professions, to teachers for reliability, value for money and honesty.

Electricians were named as the tradesmen that provide the best quality of work (50% rated the quality of electricians’ work as good or very good).

Perhaps because of the trade’s reputation for cowboys, and reflecting the 2.5 million disputes that happen every year, builders were named as the least trusted tradesmen nationally, scoring the lowest marks of all the trades assessed.

The UK’s most trusted professionals from the Rated People Trust Index are as follows:

1. Teachers

2. Gardeners

3. Electricians

4. Plumbers

5. Roofers

6. Builders

7. Bankers

8. Estate agents

9. Premier League footballers

10. Politicians

The features that will most make a Brit distrust someone are:

1. Bad manners

2. Poor eye contact

3. Unkempt appearance

4. Being inarticulate

5. A weak handshake

6. Badly dressed

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