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Could Pukka Pies rival New York bagels?

Pukka Pies could be set to go down big in New York.

Rotherham United moved into a brand new ground at the start of the season in an area of the town called New York - and their home is now known as the New York Stadium.

Whether the Rotherham version of New York and the name of the stadium can generate significant interest in America is one thing. But Rotherham is not only known for its football team.

In fact, the Yorkshire town is probably best known for its local delicacy – the culinary delight that is Pukka Pies.

They have been sold at Rotherham for over 30 years and the chicken balti is a particular favourite snack with footie fans all over the country.

Now, there could be a market for them in one of the most famous cities in the world. Would the Pukka go down well in the deli on Fourth Street? Will it ever rival the New York bagel? The Americans love of anything British or English, so a pie made famous in New York, South Yorkshire could be a winner on the other side of the pond.

So, will the great eating houses of Manhattan, Statten Island and elsewhere in New York, USA be going on stand by in anticipation of a real Pukka item going on their menus? Watch this space!

A spokesman for Pukka Pies, who are based in Leicester, said: "We have been selling Pukka Pies in Rotherham for 33 years. It was the first football club we became associated with. It's an interesting idea selling them New York, but I am not quite sure how that would work out for us logistically!"

By Steve Bott

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