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Cryotherapy: The hottest new cold treatment?

When you think of the key innovations witnessed at Euro 2012, few top Spain’s “no strikers” formation.

While it’s been mightily successful in vanquishing the likes of the French on the pitch, however, it’s unlikely to be adopted by too many other sides. Few nations besides Spain boast the players to make it work.

Off the pitch, though, the French have been employing an innovation of their own which stands a greater chance of becoming the norm: Cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy chambers supposedly aid player recovery time by exposing them to very low temperatures for a short time. It is designed to improve joint function while reducing muscle tension and inflammation.

Using it is akin to enduring a full body ice bath, but because the chamber cools gradually it does not feel as cold. Developers claim it aids general sporting performance as well as soothing injuries.

French midfielders Yann M'Vila, Alou Diarra and Blaise Matuidi all used the treatment to recover for the Euros. The rest of the squad, including Franck Ribery (pictured), have also indulged themselves.

There are currently two units in the UK and the technology has previously been used by Newcastle United. Spurs and England trio Jermain Defoe, Ledley King and Michael Dawson have also paid tribute to the treatment.

Other clubs and nations have been less enthused, however, with a lingering scepticism about Cryotherapy’s worth yet to be overcome.

And, obviously, using it didn’t work out perfectly for the French. But in-fighting in the squad and the small matter of playing the holders probably contributed somewhat to their exit from Polkraine too.

By Ian Ford

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