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D'OH! moment of the week: Rhodes for England? And will Robbie Savage have to shell out £10,000?

Total Football is a fan of BBC Radio 5 Live's Saturday night 606 phone-in shows, with Robbie Savage and Darren Fletcher.

And there's more reason to follow the show now, to see if Savage will have to settle up on a bet and shell out up to £10,000 on a new taxi for a cab driver.

Earlier in the season, when Newcastle were not doing so well, the taxi driver in question got into conversation with the outspoken former Leicester, Birmingham, Blackburn and Derby midfielder and stated that Alan Pardew's side would clinch a Champions League place this season.

Savage was so convinced that there was no chance of that happening that he promised to give the Newcastle fan up to £10,000 to buy a new cab if his beloved team did achieve that.

It was intended as a tongue in cheek statement by the former tough-tackling midfielder. But imagine his shock when a recent caller reminded him of the bet. After establishing that it was the same taxi driver, Savage said he would stand by his word and pay up if Newcastle did secure a Champions League spot.


The ex Wales international admitted on air that he is getting nervous. He even sent a text to his wife Sarah giving her the basic details - that he might lose a bet and could have to pay up to £10,000 on a taxi. To which she replied: "Pardon?".

On Saturday night's show, Savage hinted that there could be a get-out clause for him even if the Magpies do finish in the top four this season - saying he is not sure if the terms of the bet mean he will need to pay up if Newcastle finish in the top four but then don't go on to qualify for the competition proper. 

Listeners later voted in favour of him paying out if Cisse and co do sneak into the top four, regardless of what happens after that.

But there was another 'D'OH!' moment on Saturday night's show. Fletcher and Savage asked listeners to call in and give their opinion on whether Norwich striker Grant Holt should be included in England's Euro 2012 squad or not.

Savage left listeners in no doubt over his own opinion, saying that if Holt was selected, England may as well not bother turning up. Then followed a discussion on who deserved a call-up out of Holt, Jermain Defoe, Andy Carroll and Peter Crouch.

Bad idea

One listener came up with another suggestion - Huddersfield hotshot Jordan Rhodes. There then followed a debate between the caller and Savage, who pointed out that from League One to playing for England in a major tournament was a huge step up, and generally what a bad idea it was.

Fletcher let them bicker for a while, before interrupting, saying that the reason why Rhodes will never play for England is that he has already played for Scotland.

Fletcher then went on to read out the following quote from Rhodes: "It was never in doubt I would be sticking with Scotland. I'm Scottish through and through. I had all the jerseys as a kid and grew up watching Scotland."

The caller was a little bit lost for words after that, with Savage rubbing salt into the wounds by asking him if he still wanted to stay on the line.

So, the suggestion that Jordan Rhodes is worthy of a call up for England gets Total Football's D'OH! moment of the week award.

By Mark Roach - follow me on Twitter @TotalFootballEd

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