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The worst haircuts in football

Maroune Fellaini showed his footballing ability on Monday night in Everton's win against Manchester United, but it still didn't disguise the fact that he has a ridiculous hair do, that would require a large pair of sheep shears to fix.

Over the years, football has seen some of the worst haircuts in humanity. From Rene Higuita and Kevin Keegan to Fabricio Coloccini (pictured) and Carles Puyol, there have been some fashion disasters of the highest order. The Premier League alone has been subjected to some terrible trims.

So who had/has the worst haircut in football? Who is in dire need of a trip to the barbers?

First up, the two defenders in modern football who look identical with the same horrendous haircut, Newcastle’s Collocini and Barcelona’s Puyol. Their curly locks look like a dog’s coat of fur.

Another frizzy hair do is the one belonging to Fellaini. His massive mess of hair could be the real reason for his impressive heading ability, which is something the big Belgian is known for.

Chris Waddle's mullet

One of the most despised haircuts of all time in English football has to be Chris Waddle’s mullet during his time at Tottenham Hotspur. No words can adequately describe the disgrace that was Waddle's short sides, with long hair down the back. From the front it looks like a wig, and there’s no escaping that Waddle is right up there in terms of the most hideous haircuts of all time.

But perhaps even Waddle's crazy cut wasn't as freakish as the Brazilian Ronaldo. He once sported a bizarre hairstyle, with a shaven head, and the front third of his crown covered in a tuft of black hair. 

Rene Higuita was known as ‘The Madman’ and that was surely in no small part because of his dodgy hair. The Colombian goalkeeper was commonly known for his scorpion kick which saved a penalty against England in a friendly. His eccentric style of play saw him get himself into all sorts of trouble during his playing days, yet his curly long hair was just as bad.

Former England goalkeeper David James seemed to have a different haircut for each match. He was known as 'Calamity James' and the same sort of name should have been given to whoever did his hair. James was as infamous for his afros, comb-overs and cornrows as he was for his ability to throw one in his own net at any given moment.

But Nigerian defender Taribo West's shambles of a hair do took some beating. He had one of the worst football haircuts ever seen in football.

Difficult to explain, because it had to be seen to be believed, but he sported braids, with most of his head shaved, and then the braids put up into pigtails. West had a brief spell at Plymouth Argyle, where he made four appearances and was perhaps best remembered for his shocking hairstyle more than for his football ability.

By Josh Harris

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