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Would 'Lingerie League' catch on in football?

Women’s football is booming – but would a new version of the sport catch on?

It’s no surprise that women’s volleyball is one of the most-watched sports on television - and there’s no guessing why the Lingerie Football League version of American Football has been a hit.

But the increasing level of popularity in women’s football is all to do with credibility – like tennis and golf, the women are catching up with the men.

As with the men’s game in the US, women’s football has taken time to develop but is now a serious concern.

A ‘Lingerie League’ for women’s football might cause a bit of a stir, for a while at least, but credibility (rather than sex appeal or novelty factors) is the key behind the success of any sport.

And, no doubt to the disappointment of its loyal fans, the Lingerie Football League is hanging up its garters for the 2012 season.

Seven-on-seven female league

The LFL has been put on hold until April 2013 – apparently so that it can ‘get on a warm-weather schedule in the spring and summer’. Until then, players will go on promotional tours in Australia and Asia.

The seven-on-seven female league was created in 2009. Eleven teams played in the 2011 season, with a third straight title for Los Angeles Temptation.

The Hooters-style concept is straightforward – the girls do actually play a full contact version of American Football, but their uniforms include bras, panties and unattached garter clips.

Plans to expand the LFL into more US cities and Canada will be looked into this year. But given that the full contact nature of the LFL is an obvious part of its appeal, a ‘Lingerie Soccer League’ is less likely to catch on.

It might give an end of season 0-0 draw between two teams with nothing to play for a run for its money in terms of entertainment though.

Even if we never see a Lingerie Soccer League, the North West of England could suddenly become a bit more popular as a sporting destination, as a European version of the LFL is set to launch in 2014 with teams in Manchester, Dublin, Barcelona, Frankfurt and Rhein.

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