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Badge of honour – your club's personalised penant

The best amateur clubs always generate a sense of belonging and partisan membership. You get a sense of their passion for the game from the amount of preparation they’ve obviously made.

It’s not about having lots of money. It’s about the amount of thought they have put into what they do. Even when you play at schoolboy level, you learn that the teams that turned up to play with the flashiest kit and most expensive boots were often the most clueless on the pitch.

You can be creative without being flash. If you’re going to run a club properly, you want it to have its own feel. Little details tell you how much love has gone into a club. The customized kit with its own legends.

The self designed logos. The penants. It’s quite an emotional moment when you go on tour, or host a visiting club, and you present each other with a trophy or penant.

Joe Pearson has spent his life creating these feel good motifs for sports clubs. He enjoyed it so much that after he’d sold his original business and retired he found he couldn’t keep away. So he came back and did it all again with Blue Crags.

“For customers who wish to design their own kit we ask them to come up with the original concept then we can take it from there and give them artwork proofs to look at,” says Joe’s grandson John Pearson, who now runs Blue Crags.

'Unique to the club that uses it'

“The advantages of having a tailor made logo or slogan is that it will be unique to the club that uses it.” Pennants can be a small but memorable token for the visiting club to receive on a special occasion like a foreign tour or even a cup match which may be a one off opportunity to play one another.

"If you do not require a pre-production sample we can get things moving quicker and can turn around stock items in 7-10 working days or can accommodate a quicker turnaround but this must be enquired about at the time.

"We have just currently completed an order for a customer of ours by supplying over 2000 badges for the World Curling Championships which are being held in Switzerland which we are proud of as this will display our work on a Worldwide basis.

"We have now built up a large customer base all over the UK and try to accommodate all needs where we can. There is no minimum order for us as we have the capabilities to fulfill both large and small orders. “We do a lot of work for local amateur football clubs as well as work for AM Soccer,” says Pearson.

Blue Crags can supply specialised items such as polo shirts, fleeces and lightweight jackets that can be manufactured in club colours or standard colours available straight off the shelf.

It also makes bespoke pennants for teams going on tours. You can get full design, print and embroidery services on site and an express service if needed.

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By Nick Booth

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