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Dressing the fans of the future

In little over 30 years, Brecrest Babywear, a division of The Fielding Group, has developed into one of the UK and Europe’s most important childrenswear manufacturers.

The company has established itself as a brand leader, working with major corporations including Disney, The BBC, Chorion and CPLG along the way.

More aptly however, Brecrest Babywear has teamed up with Premier League clubs to create unique, football-themed outfits for babies and toddlers.

Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal have all signed Licenses with Brecrest Babywear to design/source and sell a range that includes Football related Merchandise referred to by them as ‘Core Kits’ and Fashion Items. Brecrest have also worked with other top Premier league clubs including Everton, Tottenham, Rangers and Celtic but its Manchester United range has always been the biggest seller

Fiona Ross-Strong, Account Manager at Brecrest, said: “Our football range is just one part of our business but we are looking to expand.”

Brecrest have applied their vast experience in supplying the high-street retailers Mothercare & Argos to the football market where merchandise offers a unique opportunity. They are also pursuing other retailers/supermarkets in the hope that they can add more to their portfolio.

£55 a year on football merchandise

Sport marketing consultancy firm Sport & Market recently estimated that the average English football fan spends £55 a year on football merchandise – the highest of any European country.

Nimi Zakaria, Account Manager at Brecrest, explained that the clubs depend on the expertise of the designers, who work one fashion season in advance in order to produce cutting-edge items.

She said: “We start with a product conception meeting with the clubs’ representatives, where we also discuss a marketing strategy.”

Lead time for the range after the Development/Club Selection stage is 120 days from placement of order to shipment of goods, the majority of which are manufactured in China. Central to Brecrest’s operations are the quality control teams ‘in house’ and in China. Both teams enable the company to ensure that all items pass the stringent safety tests for children’s clothing. Using only Ethically and Socially audited factories Brecrest guarantee the highest standards.

In addition to working with retailers, wholesalers and smaller independents, Brecrest order a stock range to sell throughout the season and this is available to view at and to order/buy at Amazon, click here.

“In a match where Manchester United played City in the Community Shield, the camera zoomed in on a little baby wearing one of our City products which was fantastic,” Fiona added.

Brecrest Babywear will have a stand at the Sports Merchandise and Marketing Exhibition (SMEX) which will take place on March 5, 2012.

By Chris Smith

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