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Fits like a glove

Total Football talks to Reusch UK's Bob Fidler about the company that has been producing goalkeeper gloves for over 75 years.

TF: Who are Reusch?

BF: Back in 1934, Karl Reusch made his first pair of gloves in the attic of his home, They were hand stitched and used the best possible materials to make them a good fit and comfortable to wear.

Based in southern Germany, and being friends with professional athletes, he was first approached to make winter gloves to suit the needs of alpine skiiers in the early Seventies.

In 1972 Karl’s son Gebhard joined his father and the first ski gloves were produced, taking the Reusch brand into the winter sports market. Gebhard looked to expand into other sporting areas and, one year later in close association with German goalkeeping legend Sepp Maier, Reusch produce the first ever goalkeeping glove with a latex palm.

In 1974 Maier wore Reusch gloves at the World Cup finals in West Germany and helps his team to win the tournament, thus beginning a long and successful association with goalkeepers winning major tournaments. Including 1974, Reusch gloves have been worn in thirteen World and European Championship finals, being worn by the victorious goalkeeper on no less than twelve occasions. Goalkeepers have won domestic titles, national cups and major tournaments all over the world in Reusch gloves and it is now a leading glove brand in the world market.

TF: What does Reusch offer?

BF: We offer a comprehensive range of gloves, apparel and accessories totally focussed on the needs of a goalkeeper. As a specialist glove brand we can produce gloves suitable for a range of different playing surfaces, weather conditions and personal preferences. Apparel such as goalkeeper shirts, shorts and trousers and accessories such as shinpads, protection and glove bags are all part of the specialist range.

TF: Who do you produce product for?

BF: Reusch produce goalkeeping products for players playing at all levels of the game, both amateur and professional. We've catered for young kids playing their first ever game of football in goal up to a top professional playing in a World Cup Final.

TF: Why do goalkeepers need this kind of service?

BF: If you are a goalkeeper you need a glove which will help to improve your game and give you the confidence to know you are going to have the best chance of stopping the ball. For a striker it is important to have comfortable boots to help you score, but for a goalkeeper the gloves are just as important and should fit well, feel comfortable and provide the quality to help them perform to the top of their game.

TF: What price ranges do you offer?

BF: Our new range for 2012 is just about to be launched and our cheapest product in the children’s range retails at £12.50, rising to £60  at the top end. For adults, the entry price point starts at £17.50 rising to £125 at the top end of the range. However, as a glove specialist, we hit all price points in between meaning there is something in the range affordable to everyone.

TF: Got any amusing anecdotes from happy customers?

BF: Not specifically, but when any goalkeeper plays a major part in winning a game and feels that Reusch products have helped them achieve this, then we would have happy customers. This could be someone winning the World Cup or a game in a Sunday League, it really doesn’t matter.

The fact that our brand has been going for over 75 years, and is still considered a leading specialist in the manufacture of sporting gloves, means there are many happy customers who return to wear the brand year after year! You can go to any park, leisure centre or football ground any day of the week to play your football, so keep enjoying your sport!

By Nick Booth

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