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Mitre and Prostar – inspiring confidence

Football is a confidence game. At this stage of the season, you are physically where you want to be. Your organization and understanding with team mates are as good as they’ll get.

The third crucial factor, as Gary Neville said recently, is going to be what goes on in your head. That’s why teams collapse in the run in to any title or play off.

Confidence is at the heart of getting your mind in the right place. Training is a good foundation for your self belief. Feeling good about yourself is a fundamental requirement for successful training. Otherwise, you can end up questioning everything you do.

That’s why the right kits can help immensely and Mitre and Prostar create the right foundation. Teamwork is everything to Mitre and Prostar. They make the kit that gives you the confidence to play - whatever your goal.

How? Clothes maketh the man. Just as you feel better wearing your best suit to an interview or to give a presentation, so does Prostar/Mitre’s stylish gear make you comfortable in your own skin.

It’s not just about looking good. Their designers use the most advanced textile technology to create clothes that can regulate your temperature. That means using microfibres that can keep you warm while keeping you dry.

Optimising your body temperature to keep the muscles firing at their maximum efficiency and keeping your tissues and body fluids at the right balance.

All the organs in your body will work in harmony, collectively giving their best! If your team can show the same level of co-ordinated team work, they will create an unbeatable coalition.

‘Statement outfit’

The Kinetic Performance T-Shirt for example is what fashion psychologists might call a ‘statement’ outfit. Since this is serious, high grade kit developed specially for top quality sportsmen, you can’t help but exude confidence.

If you look good, it gets your mind in the right place to feel good and you expect pretty high standards from yourself too.

Meanwhile, the Pulse Shorts come in a microfibre designed to keep you cool and comfortable.

When you are this well prepared and turned out it’s impossible not to believe in yourself. This is a stylish garment constructed from the most advanced sports performance fabrics that optimise your training and conditioning.

Breathable, Pro-Cool fabric technology keeps your muscles warm and dry and helps you function with maximum impact.

This microfibre training short has been designed for comfort with the benefit of a sports performance mesh to keep sportsmen and women cool and optimise training.

Made from 100 per cent polyester microfibre the shorts have a soft touch, breathable quality that makes them feel like a second skin.

Prostar’s socks are legendary, and the Prostar Galaxy Team sock is no exception. They have been developed over many years to provide players with a comfortable sock that fits perfectly.

The specific blend of 58% Nylon, 31% Cotton, 10% Polyester and 1% Elastane is configured to create a material that is highly durable but comfortable too.

It fits like a glove and yet provides incredible support. It not only protects you from physical punishment it shields you from the extremes of temperature that this time of year can bring, when the weather can’t make its mind up whether to snow or shine.

Prostar and Mitre are a team, operating side by side. Prostar does the teamwear and training wear and Mitre does everything else.

Mitre and Prostar can get your body and your mind in the right place. When that happens, your performance and your teamwork will follow.

By Nick Booth

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