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Pele Sports unveil new football boot

Pele Sports, the sportswear brand for the legendary, iconic Brazilian superstar Pele has today unveiled a new football boot which is unrivalled in terms of its aesthetics on the current market.

The popular Trinity 3E cleats have been given a fresh new makeover, incorporating Titan Kangaroo Leather which no other boot has at present.

Benefits of this type of leather include its incredibly soft texture and water resistant characteristics that keep the foot drier for longer, no matter what the condition, so boggy Sunday league pitches don’t have to be feared much longer.

The boots have also undergone a titanium retannage process with military grade water resistance tests, using state lubrication technology.

With many modern football boots receiving criticism for their inferior levels of protection, the new Trinity 3E provides unparalleled protection alongside a design that truly moulds to the foot rather snuggly.

Despite these features, the Trinity 3E remains extremely light, trains your muscles as you play and comprises unique stud mapping technology which promises the owner rapid acceleration assurance.

If you want to know any more about Pele Sports or indeed the revolutionary Trinity 3E K-Leather boot specifically, you can find more information by clicking here.

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