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Total Football Girls: Emma Frain

Total Football Girls continues with Manchester United fan Emma Frain, who when given a choice between Pele, Lionel Messi or any other current or past player, still thinks Diego Maradona is the best of all time. Emma talks about being a football fan - and a long wait in A&E after her sister's unfortunate introduction to playing football for her school team.

What team do you support?

I've been brought up a Man United supporter by my dad and still follow them now! There's always clashes in my family though as my mum and younger sister support Newcastle United so whenever they play each other it tends to turn into war at home!

Who is your favourite player?

My favourite player is Diego Maradona, he's the best player to ever grace the planet!

Do you ever get to see any games and if so which games?

I used to go and watch Stoke City with friends when I was younger and I've been to a few United matches, but I don't tend to go regularly. One of the most recent matches I've been to was a Coventry v Nuneaton friendly which was, er... amazing. Ha ha!

Have you played football and if so who for?

I used to play football for my school team, we weren't very good though and in our first ever match my little sister fell and dislocated her arm and broke her wrist. The game had to be postponed because we didn't have any subs and then we ended up spending something like 27 hours in an A&E waiting room!

Who will win the Premier League this season?

I'm hoping that my team and the obvious choice Man United win this season, but it would be amazing to see a team like Norwich win the Premier League one day! I love the video of Delia Smith on the pitch shouting at the fans to back the team, we need to see more of this passion and drama in the Premier League this season!!

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