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Pursuing the dream - The boy from Brazil

Matheus Albuquerque has a dream. The 18-year-old, a striker with Brazil's famous Corinthians club, hopes he can one day make the grade.

The Corinthians youth team player (pictured on the ball) told Total Football's Scott Robinson that, like many other young Brazilian players, the Premier League would be a dream destination.

You joined Corinthians FC at the age of 16, what has been your greatest achievement with Corinthians so far?

It is very good to play for Corinthians. My greatest achievement was winning the Brazilian SC Youth Cup in 2009. 

What is the next step for you with your football career - and where do you see yourself in five years time?

My goal is to play in the Corinthians' first team. I want to be a champion and score many goals. I hope to play for the Brazilian national team and in the future play European football.

Before joining Corinthians FC you played for various European Clubs. How would you describe these experiences?

I won the Una Vale Di Sports championship in 2008 while I was at Fiorentina in Italy and I trained with Sporting Lisbon at the beginning of 2009. During my time there I played in a friendly game and I scored two goals.

In May 2009, I trained at AC Milan. I played in a tournament and scored a goal. Playing for those two clubs was a great experience which has developed myself as a player and enabled me to become a better player.

What do football fans and players in Brazil think of the Premier League?

It is a dream come true for any young Brazilian football player to play their football in the Premier League. I am a keen follower of the Premier League, I watch many games and it would be a dream come true for me to play my football in this wonderful league.

Which Premier League team do you support and why?

I don’t support one team in particular - I watch all the games. Each team plays beautiful football and has a different style of play.

If you were to compare yourself with a Premier League player, who would this be and why?

I think I have the right profile for the Premier League - I have physical presence, technical ability and speed. I am young, loud and strong!

There have been rumours that Corinthians may sign Carlos Tevez from Manchester City in the January transfer window, does this prospect excite you?

Carlos Tevez is a great football player and it will be very good for Corinthians. I would be very happy if he was part of the team and hopefully I woould have an opportunity to play alongside him. 

What is the best goal you have ever scored?

I don’t have a favorite goal as for me all goals I score are important. I hope my goals will help win titles for the Corinthians youth team.

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