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Barnsley director backs new Financial Fair Play rules

Barnsley director Don Rowing (pictured) has backed the new Financial Fair Play rules introduced by the Football League and expects the changes to bring a new era of sensible owners.

Clubs who break the fair play rules will face transfer embargos if they fail to gain promotion, and whose who do will face heavy fines.

And while some will continue to pay big wages, Rowing believes that most clubs will benefit from the new rules.

"This will bring people into the game for the right reasons. It will be a sufficient deterrent for the majority of clubs," he said.

"But there will always be dissenters who want to use the rules to their own advantage. For me, all our decisions should be based on financial common sense and if we don't do we will seriously compromise the future of all the clubs.

'Sensible in the way we spend'

"It is an indictment of the industry that we need to go to the length of regulations to try and tell us to be sensible in the way we spend."

The lure of the Premier League and the pressure on clubs to gain promotion from the Football League is the reason Rowing believes clubs take on the risk of debt.

"There are people that want to put money into their clubs to chase the dream, but unfortunately they will have to face the nightmare at a later date,'' Rowing added.

"There is so much hype now from people including supporters who want you to chase this dream of getting into a higher division and get into the Premiership.

"You look at the support base of some clubs and it is very, very difficult to realise their ambitions, but that is why there are people out and about who want to buy a club and push it forward."

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