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McDermott: Reading's promotion to the Premier League is "incredible"

Less than a year after missing out on promotion in the play-off final, Reading manager Brian McDermott did not quite know what to think after guiding his side back to the Premier League courtesy of a 1-0 win against Nottingham Forest.

"It feels unreal, like I'm looking down on a different bloke managing Reading!" he said. "It was incredible. It was a night for the supporters and the players.

"After the worst moment of my career at Wembley, May 30th last year, now to this, my best moment. I just think of the resolve and the character that the players and staff have shown."

With West Ham's game ending in a draw, the stage was set for Mikele Leigertwood (pictured celebrating with Royals fans after the game) to score the late winner that secured promotion.

"I was only aware of the score tonight because of the fans singing 'one goal and we're going up' so I realised the game at Bristol City was finished because of that," said the Royals boss.

"You know what we're like as a team, we never stop going. We were nowhere near our best tonight, we were nervous, of course, but you know what, you have to get over the line.

'When you win something as one, you are friends for life'

"The bond the team have got between them, when you win something as one, you are friends for life. That's the case in our dressing room and it's so important to me."

McDermott says the 'special' atmosphere at Reading has been a key factor this season.

"In the summer I didn't see too much good coming out of our defeat at Wembley. But I had great support from family, friends, they've sacrficed so much and I had to go through all that to get to where we are now.

"If you are at our club, it's special. The environment is special, you can sense it. Go to the training ground, it's genuinely everyone together. If you have that bond, it's amazing what you can achieve.

"As an example Nigel Gibbs could work for any club in the country, a great coach and the lads love him. It's so important that's the case, there's a genuine bond, he does a fantastic job, you can all see that."

McDermott added: "We are in the Premier League now, we are promoted, and I can celebrate for the next couple of months! I hope there's some late pubs in Reading where the fans can celebrate. I might join them!"

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