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Sanchez extends his 'temporary' stay at Barnet

Lawrie Sanchez says his dialogue with fans is through the players on the pitch on a Saturday afternoon.

Well, the fans may not be happy with the most recent conversation after Barnet's defeat against Northampton Town last weekend.

Their 2-1 defeat left them in 21st place in the table with nine points after 11 league games, with a record of four losses in their last six games.

Sanchez took over the manager's role at the start of this season after helping caretaker manager Giuliano Grazioli keep the club up last season. He admits he wasn't looking past the short term agreement he had with chairman Anthony Kleanthous at that time.

“To be fair, I was literally looking at three games," he said. "That was my only thought at the time. If Lincoln had won one of their last 11 games it wouldn't have been in our hands.

Liked the club

“It wasn't until we got the points we needed that the chairman came to me and asked if I was interested in the job. I liked the club and what I saw of the players. On that basis I said let's give it a go for a year.” 

Some of the Barnet supporters have been disappointed with team selections and are desperate for a change in the club's fortunes, even though a recent fans survey revealed that almost half of the club's support expect their team to finish in the bottom half of the table.

“It is realistic that not a lot will change," said the former Fulham, Wycombe and Northern Ireland manager and 1988 Wimbledon FA Cup final match-winning hero. 

"We have one of the smallest budgets and fan bases in the league. We haven't the money to spend on players like the more successful teams.

“I would like to think that we will not be in the same position as last season but I can't go from bottom to top overnight. But we have to try and be competitive and look at having some sort of cup run.”

Fans' favourite

That looks possible after they beat Gillingham in the second round of the Johnstone's Paint Trophy. Fans' favourite Sam Deering was one of the stars after he returned to the side against Northampton.

Some fans have been disappointed that the signing from Newport County hasn't played more, but that was due to events outside of the manager's control. The midfielder was excused from team duties to be at the birth of his first child.

Sanchez was quick to reassure fans that he sees Deering as an important player. “He has got a big part to play this season and this is the right team for him.”

Grazioli has remained at the club as his assistant manager, after being brought back to the club during Martin Allen's tenure.

“I think we worked very well together last season.” Sanchez said. “I got the chance to come in and he's a great lad who wants to learn a lot and work hard. When I came here he hadn't slept for a week!”

The Bees fans will hope their partnership continues to go well and their beloved club starts to move up the table, sooner rather than later.

By Natasha Henry 

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