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GOALS Haiti wins gong for giving children a future

GOALS Haiti was honoured in London last week by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who presented the organisation with the Best New Project award at the international Beyond Sport Federation summit and awards ceremony.

GOALS, which stands for Global Outreach and Love of Soccer, was chosen from amongst nearly 300 projects worldwide for their efforts to use sports to mobilise communities and empower young people to improve their health, local leadership, educational access and quality of life in post-earthquake Haiti.

GOALS’ Director Kona Shen gratefully acknowledged the honour and the opportunity the award provides to advance the programme.

“Being recognised on the international stage proves that GOALS’ work in Haiti has been an effective and important part of the recovery effort over the past two years.

“It speaks volumes about the tremendous work of our local coaches in Leogane.

Improving lives

“It’s their dedication to improving the lives of kids in their communities every day that makes our soccer programmes successful.

“We’re excited about the opportunities this will provide for GOALS to continue brightening the future for hundreds of kids in Haiti.”

As an award winner, GOALS will also receive a support package that will ensure the ongoing sustainability and effectiveness of their efforts to improve lives through soccer for years to come.

GOALS will continue to benefit from in-depth profiling of their work through Beyond Sport’s channels and global network.

Nick Keller, the founder of Beyond Sport, said: “These projects change lives and communities to an astonishing level.

“It is a privilege to meet, highlight and support the amazing leaders who drive them, and recognise the very best work in this hugely important sector.”

Positive change

The Beyond Sport Summit convenes influential global leaders, athletes, and business leaders from all over the world, with individuals and organisations that advance positive social change through the use of sport.

The initiative both celebrates and supports the efforts of organisations such as GOALS Haiti, which use the love of soccer to spark change where it’s needed most.

In Haiti, playing soccer brings normality and joy to kids living in the midst of poverty, disease, and the ongoing effects of natural disaster and political instability.

By harnessing the love of soccer to advance positive youth development, GOALS Haiti is proving that soccer is much more than just a game.

About GOALS Haiti:

GOALS is a non-profit organization incorporated in the United States and headquartered in Leogane, Haiti. GOALS uses soccer to engage youth in community work that improves their quality of life, their health, the environment and local leadership. GOALS’ soccer programs impact over 600 children per month, and reach an additional 4400 people through outreach to families. For more information, please visit:

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