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Hacky Sack celebrates four decades as world famous football icon

Hacky Sack, the original footbag from Wham-O, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year with the launch of the new Hacky Sack Striker.

Available from spring 2012, Hacky Striker Striker is the perfect partner for footbag fans young and old and a fantastic introduction to a sport now played across the globe.

Since first capturing the attention of millions of kids in the 1970s, Hacky Sack has spent four decades at the top, inspiring players to perfect their fantastic footbag moves and has become a world-famous sport, played in countless countries.

Invented by athletes Mike Marshall and John Stalberger in 1972 as a training tool to exercise John’s leg after a knee injury, Hacky Sack turned out to become a brilliantly fun game too.

Not only did John’s leg quickly recover, but Mike and John perfected the design, with Hacky Sack joining the Wham-O line-up of iconic brands in 1983.

Hacky Sack players perform amazing moves with breathtaking precision, kicking, balancing, passing and shooting the footbag without using their hands.

The skills and techniques played and practiced have made Hacky Sack an essential training tool for football players worldwide, teaching the essential skills needed for the sport.

Coming in a cool black and white football design, the Hacky Sack Striker is perfect for football fans and kids for learning the footbag game. With a recommended retail price of £3.99, Hacky Sack Striker is brilliant value and perfect for kids both young and old. 

Can you play Hacky Sack?

Perfect these moves and you will be on your way to becoming a pro.

The Inside Kick:

Drop Hacky Sack in front of you. Use your inside foot to kick the Hacky Sack up straight up again. Now try kicking the Hacky Sack straight up alternating with each foot. How long can you keep going? 

The Outside Kick:

Drop Hacky Sack to your side and kick it straight up with the outside of your foot. This move is more difficult and you need to angle your ankle to get it right. 

The Stall:

Catch the falling Hacky Sack on the inside of your foot by matching its speed with a downward motion. The trick is to land the Hacky Sack without bouncing it or kicking it off again. Once you have mastered it, try dropping Hacky Sack by your side and catching it with the outside of your foot.

Toe Kick and Stall:

Drop the Hacky Sack further in front of you and try kicking and stalling it on your toes. 

Hacky Sack Games:

Get your mates together and stand in a circle. Use your Hacky Sack skills to pass the footbag from player to player. The trick is to keep the bag from the ground as long as possible. 

Get Fit:

Playing Hacky Sack for an hour burns around 240 calories, about the same calories as a fast food burger.

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